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Simple site

Creating page design and content that calls the user to a simple action.

For example: come to an event, request information, or simply download a presentation.


Suitable for:

  • sales of a specific product or service;

  • announcement of any event;

  • collecting visitor data.


$150 from 2 days

A site with a more complex structure: several pages,

which are combined by menus or other blocks with links.


Suitable for:

  • representation of the company in the network, its services and products

  • collecting forms on-line records, subscriptions, mailings

  • integration with social networks.


$300 from 10 days

Complex structure with dozens of similar description pages.

Various shapes  and  integration. 

Adding payment and ordering online


Suitable for:

  • promotion and sales of various goods and services.


$700 from 15 days
Наличие кредитной карты


А как вам удобно:
  • Перевод по СБП (рубли)
  • Перевод BIT (ils)
  • Оплата на сайте.​

И вам настроим. 

Оплата картой или PayPal

Информация отправлена. Спасибо!

What's included in the price
  • Adding  social communications (Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, TripAdviser...)

  • Connecting an XML sitemap

  • Testing

  • SEO optimization

  • Administration setup

  • Design concept (up to three)

  • Layout of all necessary pages, functions and forms

  • Filling with provided content

  • Adding interactivity (chat, the ability to make phone calls,  WhatsApp correspondence)

  • Content audit – editing and optimizing texts for search engines, adding alt to pictures - $20 per page​

  • Payment for hosting, domain

  • Text content – up to 1000 characters per web page – $50

  • Selection of pictures, vector graphics, photos, processing, retouching - on a web page – $50

How to save money
  • Select photographs and illustrations. Check for uniqueness and copyright

  • Prepare all table files for a catalog or online store for uploading to cvs

  • Come up with a domain name (if not already) and check if it is available here.

  • Prepare content (text, pictures)

  • Break the text into pages (home, services, contacts, products...). Highlight in the text what you want to be highlighted on the site.

  • Conduct a competitor analysis, select keywords for the site. Use them in text and headings

Needed to order
  • Completed brief, on the basis of which the Terms of Reference (TOR) are made

  • A couple of links to sites whose design you like. This is not necessarily your topic. The main thing is style and overall appearance.

  • ​If you provide your content, you must have rights to it.

Stages of work
  • Installing a website on hosting.

  • Connecting a domain name

  • Setup and optimization.

  • Basic consultation on website management.

  • Preparation and approval of technical specifications

  • Design layout

  • Development of navigation and usability of the site as a whole. Structural prototype.

  • Copywriting (if required)

  • Layout

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